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Being outraged at fake cocaine.

There was a puff piece a while ago about a kid in EB games pretending to give cocaine away with the new Grand Theft Auto Game, beside an ad for the game.


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AWARD school

It was 3am on a Thursday morning. My final submission for AWARD school was due at 5pm.

I was tracing Slipknot logos from an iPhone and wading back and forth through an ankle deep pile of screwed up tracing paper, red bull cans and beer bottles to mutter at a malfunctioning scanner.

Product: North Face clothing. Proposition: Explore more of the world with North Face gear. (Digital ad)

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Ridiculous posters

  • Writing witty stuff on toilet doors: 9/10 (up from 7/10)
  • Being good at art/cool graphics: 5/10 (up from 3/10)

I’ve been sticking these bad boys up for a while now and collecting the recordings from my answering machine.

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Smooth talking the Meredith ballot

8:05am, August 25.


Oh no! I just got back to the internet to find the window closed last night!

Pleaaaaaase can I buy my tickets today? I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again. I have an amazing excuse available on request.
8:34am, August 25.
‘Aunty Meredith’:

Hi Jason

I’m curious about your excuse…??
Lots of love, Aunty xx

Looking comfortable at a busy urinal.

My urinal etiquette is fucking outstanding.

I’m good with single person ceramic urinals, busy urinals where you have to queue up in a ‘polite but not gay’ way, metal tub urinals that hang to your waist and don’t seem to have drains, old urinals with yellow cakes, non-flushing environmental urinals, automatic flushers, long metal urinals with the grate-step that some guys like to wee on, whatever. You just can’t throw me.

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