Bookclub – for Gentlemen

This was one of the greatest days I’ve had. It took three weeks to recover.


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Screenplay: Trudy and Michael’s big presentation

This is my second screenplay. Thanks for being so supportive guys.

02 - Trudy and Michael's big presentation p1

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Screenplay: Sexual Commandos

Screenplays is my new thing, guys. Depending on how it goes I might start submitting these to actual production companies.

01 - Sexual Commandos - The Jason Leigh Story

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Half way.

Man oh man. You’re not reading a story of triumph and this is not a victory lap. I am not 50% more awesome than I was five years ago. I am 18.7% more awesome.


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Film scoring


Here is my entry to this year’s Tropscore competition. It was edited mainly on planes and in the bars of backpacker hostels, using a laptop that bloody loves to crash. Underneath is a song I contributed to my buddy’s Tropscore entry.

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Wheelbarrow beats Liberals for presidency

Tony Abbott will be leading our country next week and Kevin Rudd is to blame.

Abbott’s stumbling, backward and blatantly dishonest media statements weren’t enough for us to forget Rudd’s treachery; clawing and scrambling back into the history books over the bodies of his comrades.



He might not look like it now, but Wheelie scrubs up well.



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Research your shirt.

I thrust myself into an ideological warzone at the Victoria Markets with this tee shirt today.

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