To explain my rating system:

Five means that from the outside I would fit in and not draw any attention. I would be cooler than not-awesome people but super-awesome people wouldn’t really notice me.

For example, I’m not great at building a campfire but I can do it. I rate myself 3/10 because a majority of other males could not only make a better fire but also look more comfortable doing it. That being said, there are people that that are super un-macho or don’t go outside that I’m probably better than.

When I’m leaning against a wall, no one comes up to me and says: ‘Wow, you look really cool doing that. You’re like the Fonz. Great work.’ But on the other hand no one seems to snigger at me, and as far as I can tell no one really notices me. They don’t notice me because they believe me, and have me pegged as a guy that’s confident enough to lean on a wall. I would be a 5/10 at leaning on walls.

An aspect of my life that I would rate 7/10 is ‘workmates assuming I’d be cool after hours’. I’ve worked a lot of jobs and spent a lot of time being the new guy, and as a result I play this one pretty well. People see the new quiet young guy, pretty polite, seems to work hard. Then after a while it comes out that I play in a band. Because I haven’t advertised the fact I play in a band, and because I play it down when they ask me, they assume from my modesty that I’m actually a pretty big deal. Because I never mentioned the band people assume that I do a bunch of other cool stuff that I don’t talk about, and I become much cooler than I am and more awesome than Barry the mailman.

Not everything is judged against other people, for example: ‘Savings: 0/10’ doesn’t mean that everyone else on the planet is better at saving than me, it just means that I have no savings. You’ll work it out.


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