Nearly impossible.

It’s my 31st birthday and, according the schedule set out by my 24-year-old self, I should be 70% more awesome. I am only 24.46% more awesome.

I’ve been playing to my strengths (writing, music, jokes, being a nice guy) instead of focusing on areas that would give me serious point gains (savings, home ownership, backflips, burn outs).

While the definition of ‘awesome’ has changed a fair bit over the last seven years, I’ve committed to see this through.

Highest scores:

  • Stylish board shorts
  • Rocking out
  • Being a really fun drunk guy
  • Jokes/zingers
  • Making friends
  • High fiving
  • Being in love.

Lowest scores:

  • Savings
  • Sweet pets
  • Impressive wheels
  • Owning a house
  • Whistling with my pinky
  • Doing a backflip.

Most improved:

  • Rolling a cigarette (up 40%)
  • Being best man /speech maker/important friend at special occasion (up 40%)
  • Opening beers without a bottle opener (up 30%)
  • Smoking while playing guitar (up 30%)
  • Being good at art/graphics (up 30%)

Greatest losses:

  • Savings (down 40%)
  • Sunglasses (down 40%)
  • How far I can run (down 30%).

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.53.33 AMApril 2017 categories01 April 2017 individual stats04 April 2017 individual stats03 April 2017 individual stats02 April 2017 individual stats05 April 2017 individual stats


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